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Wheal Maria Cottages painting



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Wheal Maria painted in 1988 shows the cottages before the new tarmac roads  went in and cut through the gardens.Ern Jackmans pride & joy - his garden, is at its peak with rows & rows of potatoes.His tractor is in No.4 garden. Visible are cottages 3 - 10. The Post Box is still in its original place and the great oak tree is still standing. The ‘piggery, up the lane, is barely visible being covered in ivy.

You can purchase it now, with a frame of your own choice, and receive it within a matter of days. It will be arrive glazed, strung & ready for immediate hanging.

A Tribute to Ern Jackman.

A countryman & cheerful friend to many.

1925 - 2016

Wheal Maria cottages

Ern Jackmans garden

Ltd Edition 350
Size (before frame) 21 X 16 inches


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