detail - Boys will be boys. The skinny dipper leaps from the rock using an abandoned bra as a parachute!

Skinny dipper leaping into River Dart, Dartmoor detail Skinny Dipping, the River Dart, Dartmoor painting

Skinny Dipping The River Dart, Dartmoor

For Sale Oil painting by David William Young.

Size 40" X 26"

The Rock Band Barclay James Harvest wrote the words ‘Oh , what it is to be young’ in one of their songs.

The idea of this rather nostalgic and bucolic painting came about when I was walking the Dart one day and I came upon some people sunbathing. The sight of bare human flesh in this rather wild, green landscape was rather a shock but also striking.

This got me thinking. I wasn’t always as buttoned up as this, not at least when I was young? Surely?  

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Contact Batihng in the sun River Dart detail

Bathed in the green verdant light with the sound of running water, the joy of living.

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detail of the bathers drying by a fire, river Dart, Dartmoor

detail of the bathers drying by a fire.


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David William Young

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