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To purchase a David Young painting

Many of the seascape paintings displayed on this page are for sale.

Some can be purchased via the gallery named - they will be more than happy to satisfy any enquiries you have - whilst others can be purchased directly from the artist.

If you have an interest with any of the paintings please contact David Young who will be pleased to help you with any questions you have.

To purchase a David Young original is a big decision, though hopefully a very satisfying one that will last generations, so the artist not only wants the painting to go to a 'good home' but also to ensure the new owner is completely happy with their new picture.

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David Young’s work encompasses a wide variety of themes that revolve around the core subject of the natural world.

His paintings reflect his deep understanding of nature which is so evident in the way the paint is handled, capturing it's subtle nuances.

What makes David Young's work stand out, is not only his ability to convey the effects of light and textures of a landscape but the quality of his brushwork.

Sea Mist over the Sand Bar

Soar Mill Cove, South Hams, Devon

For Sale » Oil painting by David W Young.  Price £2900 Size 25" X 17". (excluding frame)

From the top of the cliffs looking down to the distant sand bar the three tiny figures are lost in a vast space of sea, sand & sea mists. A painting of subtle hues and atmosphere it beckons the viewer to be on that beach.

see enlargement Seascape Hartland Quay Contact

Seascape at Hartland Quay

For sale>> oil painting by David W Young Size  36X36 inches

Price £4100

Showing the dramatic, jagged outline of the north Devon coast the sun sparkles on the breaking waves in this oil painting by David Young

Summer Breeze, Slapton

On a breezy summer’s day with the wind skimming the waters of Slapton Ley, a girl and young boy feed the gathered ducks and swans.

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The Wave, Crackington Haven

As the waves break on the shoreline of the cove of Crackinton Haven on the north Devon coast the herring gulls effortlessly rise above the spray and turbulence.


Detail  from recent painting

Detail from ‘The Wave, Crackington Haven’

Seascape Paintings

The Hartland Peninsula
For sale >> oil painting by David W Young Size  40X20 inches

Price £3900

The dramatic coastline of the Hartland peninsula faces the

full force of the Atlantic breakers. This exposes in great detail the remarkable rock formations that have been formed over millions of years.

Painted during the late summer, David Young has attempted to portray the epic scale of this north Devon coast.


Feel Free, Portwrinkle, Cornwall
 Oil on canvas

Size  40X20 inches

I was on the south Cornish coast and it was a fine day that was drawing to a close. People on the beach were starting to drift home but some remained soaking up the last warm rays of the day.

On the beach were two canoes and on one was the words Feel Free. It summed up beautifully the prevailing atmosphere and what it meant to each individual and of course the gulls.


The Cove

Portwrinkle, South Cornwall

For Sale Oil painting by David W Young. 36" X 24".

To the west of Portwrikle on the south Cornish coast is the dramatic view of a little cove that is virtually inaccessible on foot. I was fascinated by the clear green waters breaking on the foreshore and also the jagged rocks that thrust out into the sea. I have attempted to create that feeling of height, space and perspective along with the effects of light and colour in a painting that is rich in detail.

For enquiries about this painting please contact :-

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Breaking Waves

For Sale » Oil painting by David W Young. 36" X 24".

This painting depicts breaking waves on the the north Devon coast. I deliberately excluded a foreshore and a sky so as to immerse the viewer entirely in the sensation of the sea. it has been painted on a fairly large canvas to increase that sensation.This was a very satisfying painting to do. The subtle range of hues, the movement and light gave me a hard but exciting challenge.

For enquiries about this painting please contact :-


Pudcombe Cove

Coleton Fishacre, South Devon

For Sale » Oil painting by David W Young. 30" X 20".

This wonderful little Cove on the south Devon coast is a couple of miles east of Dartmouth.

It is well known for it’s association with the D’Oyly Carte family who built their 1920’s Arts & Crafts style house at the National Trusts Coleton Fishacre a short distance from here.

The Monterey Pines and the warm colours of the sea give the scene an almost tropical feel.

For enquiries about this painting please contact :-

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