Welcome to my new website of Dartmoor and other landscape paintings that will hopefully compliment my other website of Seascapes and coastal pictures.

In the course of time I will be adding new pictures to this website so keep a lookout for that special view that you always wanted on your wall!

I have tried to make this new site as enjoyable and easy to use as possible. The pictures of course take centre stage and I have endeavoured to make them as large and clear as possible. I have also added the feature of showing the prints in the different frames. I hope this will make your choice of frame a lot easier.

Of course, if you wish to contact me about anything I will be more than happy to oblige.

David Young


January 2019

As I mentioned on my home page my painting continues to evolve and move in exciting and challenging new directions. One such piece I exhibited a couple of years ago is ‘The Woodland Glade and the Hand of Man’ depicting the less savoury impact on my local area by ‘the hand of of man’. It depicts the human impact both present and historically by using both canvas and frame.

The Woodland Glade and the Hand of Man


David William Young

3rd November 2018

Wildwood Arts in Horrabridge, Devon have just taken my  painting ‘November - Dartmoors Ancient Woodlands’ for displaying at their Winter exhibition will will run till Christmas.

It is a painting tat took so long to complete such are the complexities of atmosphere and detail that went into it. When I completed making the frame (which in itself took two and a half days) and inserted the finished painting the final result I thought was totally stunning. It’s a painting that evokes the cold early mornings of November on those damp, misty downs, valleys and  ancient woods of Darmoor.

I hope you can make it to the gallery to view it yourself.

16th March 2018

My goodness. A year has gone by without an update. Too busy painting. I’m currently working on a double triptych which is a massive project which will take years not months. With the demise of most of my galleries I am now free to pursue exciting new projects that will really push me. The manacles are off and I have such a lot to paintings to create before I end up on the proverbial compost heap.

Steward Woodland Community

Talking of compost heaps and my semi woodland living I heard via an email of the demise/destruction of the Steward Community Woodland on Dartmoor. These lovely folk have been living in their wood for many, many years in low impact dwellings and showing the rest of us how to live a gentle impact life without resorting to trashing the planet. After all these years Dartmoor National Park Authority has finally got its way and turfed them out and into the world of sapien monoculture. Sad, sad,sad.

I reproduce a few photos of this Community on my website as a lasting memory to these people and their living home. I finish with a photo of the new development a mile or two up the road in Moretonhampstead, Darmoor.

Steward Community Woodland


Proper housing.  

Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor National Park (a stone’s throw from Steward Wood)

31st March 2017

Thirty years ago today  I gave up my job and walked out of an office to become a full time artist. It was simply the best and most rewarding thing I ever did…….and do!

October 2016

The Fate of an Artist……

Is this my destiny as I become old & grey working in my artists garret?

September 2016

I continue to paint a work that I have meant to do some years ago but have only finally got down to it recently. It’s certainly not a painting the public will want to buy but that's what being an artist is. However in conjunction with this I have been on Dartmoor and have become very excited about a place  I visited. I was working out dimensions, making the canvas and painting the composition  earlier in the week. It will now be on hold till I complete the other painting. What are these paintings? I will reveal all when they are complete!

All painting came to a halt yesterday as I picked the plums growing outside my bedroom window. Yes, I know it sounds decadently romantic but it is the ideal place as it is in full south facing sun - perfect for ripening. So I spent most of the day harvesting , stoning and preserving. They look so delicious in the jars I have taken a photograph of them in the bedroom window with the plum espalier outside.


Mayflower Galleries Tavistock update

After providing a wonderful service through their excellent gallery, Tony & Audrey Whitehead of Mayfower Galleries in Tavistock have finally retired  so ending a long era of selling my artwork in Tavistock. This is particulary sad with it being my ‘home town’ and the base with which I started my career. There doesn’t seem to be a suitable replacement yet but I am keeping alert to any possibilities in the town and will keep you updated on this website if there is any good news. In the meantime if there is any painting or print that you might need do feel free to contact me direct so I can help you in any way.

Febuary 2016


I recently completed a painting I have been working on for several months.  It is a seascape with 25 gulls & a shag in it. There is a lot of movement and activity in the painting hence why it took so long.


In the meantime I came across this portrait I did of a small Lurcher many decades ago. When establishing myself as an artist I frequently did animal portraits to earn some pennies.

Lurcher painting by David William Young

Lurcher painting by David William Young

November 2015


New Print release for Okehampton

The East Okement River, Halstock Wood, Okehampton

The East Okement River, Halstock Wood


I have just released this print from my oil painting of the East Okement on Dartmoor. It should be of particular interest for anyone living in the Okehampton area as this beautiful river with its ancient woodland is a popular walk within easy reach of the town.

This print of the East Okement, will be available shortly from the Okehampton Photo Centre art gallery or can be bought directly from this website.


I am currently working on a seascape with at least two dozen seagulls and a shag in it. I am just this minute having a break from it as it a tough struggle to get what I want (as was ever thus). The light is variable today which is an improvement on the last couple of days which have been dire. The bain of every artists life is painting in bad light. My favourite time of day for the light is early evening but at this time of year that is such a fleeting moment before darkness follows.

At least is has been so extraordinarily mild. No freezing in the Studio yet. Being so mild has led to some remarkable sights. Last week on November 2nd I saw a Swift flying over Plymouth. The wildlife experts think it must have been a ‘Pallid Swift’. Pallid or our common Swift it was still a remarkable sighting as they are usually one of our first migrants to leave for the south, usually in August.

October 2015

I went down to Mayflower Arts on the Barbican, Plymouth this week armed with with two Dartmoor paintings under my arms. Both of them feature a Hawthorn as their subject but both are entirely different in their character. They are now on show at the Gallery so feel free to go down and have a look at them. They are both for sale. For enquiries go to Mayflower Arts.

Hawthorn in a Dartmoor Sunset by David William Young. Original oil painting for viewing & sale at Mayflower Arts.

May Blossom, Dartmoor by David William Young. Original oil painting for viewing & sale at Mayflower Arts.

September 2015

Today I am not an artist, nor a gardener, nor a house builder but a cook. The greenhouse is full of tomatoes that have only narrowly survived this years blight. So I went and picked them this morning and made them all into soup. I added apples, basil, tomatillos, parsley, fennel seeds, nasturtiums, coriander, curry powder, salt and pepper. After chaos in the kitchen in which I had to use 3 pressure cookers and a large frying pan on my small Rayburn I finally procured 17 half litre kilner jars of very tasty tomato soup to help me through the dark winter days . Crazy, I will never make a living as an artist. (But would I be happy going to the supermarket and buying 17 tins of Heinz  Tomato soup?)



September 2015

I am currently  working on my crumbling cottage before the Winter gales blow their icy tentacles through my draughty hovel. Hence my latest painting awaits my attention on its easel.

In the meantime here is a photo of my neighbours sharing my garden produce.

David Young artist

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