A Devon Rainforest, the Dart valley in a Summer haze, Dartmoor painting

A Devon Rainforest,

The Dart Valley in a Summer haze

For Sale  Oil painting by David William Young.

Size 30" X 24"

‘I rode my horse up to the ridge. I stopped suddenly. The view that unfolded before my eyes was breathtaking. Surely this Dartmoor valley  couldn’t be in England.It was too epic, far too wild. It gave me a glimpse of the great deciduous forest that once swathed these islands.

This painting has no sky, no river. I want you to get lost in it. I have painted  sunshine breaking through the moist afternoon haze casting light on the forest of this deep meandering gorge. Unseen, the haze on this skin of leaves hides a hidden world of mosses, ferns & lichens that sheath these contorted ancient trees and granite clitter.’

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David William Young

The Dartmoor Paintings of  a Devon Artist


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